Technology Launch Facilitates Seamless Scalable Connection

LONDON and HONG KONG and HOLLYWOOD, Calif., July 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ryff, the inventor of VPP, has declared all brands and content owners liberated from industry conventions this 4th of July. The launch of Spheera™ provides storytellers, creators, TV and film studios, streamers, and broadcasters worldwide the freedom to connect.

Join the Revolution

Ryff’s Spheera™ platform acts as a bridge, linking 53 million small, medium, and large brands across the globe to a vast pool of visual content and shattering outdated industry conventions. Ryff is introducing a superior alternative and giving brands and content creators control.

Market Potential

New York-based research firm Radicle Insights, backed up by the prestigious Chapman University Film School, has released a report highlighting the potential for TV channels such as NBC, ITV, Channel 4, Disney and others, to generate over $1bn through VPP implementation.

Scene Intelligence™, a technology invented by Ryff, utilizes proprietary AI, machine learning (ML), and visual computing to revolutionize the world of product placement.

Leveraging these advancements, Ryff’s Scene Intelligence™ uncovers and presents “shoppable moments” to brands, opening vast opportunities for connecting with potential audiences. This includes an extensive streaming catalog comprising 250,000 hours of content, as well as live sports, new TV shows, and films.

By doing so, they breathe new life into the stagnant product placement industry. A transformation that seamlessly bridges the gap between brands and their customers.

“Ryff’s approach involves identifying the emotional triggers that drive our brand recall and, most importantly, sales,” said Frank Eribo, LØCI President of North America. “Ryff’s technology seamlessly bridges the gap between our trainers and our high-potential target

Control and Scale for Brands, Advertisers, and Content Owners

Spheera™ is a comprehensive platform that ingests every kind of visual media, including influencers and live sports. Spheera™ discovers shoppable moments that can be purchased individually or in bulk, enabling brands to create effective brand campaigns.

With a growing library of thousands of TV shows, films, and sports, brands can search for Virtual Placement Opportunities (VPOs™) that align with their products and target market. They can filter the results based on market category, content genres, formats, and scenes.

Spheera™ produces a campaign report with data and performance analytics to ensure a highly effective campaign. Campaigns are easy to create, schedule, and track.

Relevant, repeatable, and authentic, Spheera™ is the new age for product placement. Ryff has already been crowned winner of the Comcast AI Lift-Off Challenge and Fast Company’s Next Big Thing in Tech.


Founded in 2018, Ryff is leading the charge in virtual product placement (VPP). Ryff powers the seamless and authentic convergence of content and brands.

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