TBD Media Group Acquired by Investment Group AIIG

LONDON, Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — January 2024 marks the launch of Acumen, after the successful acquisition of TBD Media Group by AIIG (Acumen International Investments Group).

Building on the success of TBD Media Group since its inception in 2015, Acumen Media is now proud to be taking on the challenge to elevate this trailblazing company to new heights as a global media pioneer. Already working across several key markets such as the Americas, Europe, the GCC and Asia; Acumen brings a range of high-quality and award-winning films, global events, technology platforms and digital agencies to the world.

Paolo Emilio Zanini will remain the CEO of the newfound company after the acquisition.

In a recent interview, he stated  “We believe that this new acquisition will propel the company into new opportunities, to accelerate our growth across both our global infrastructure and technology development, so we can continue to tell great human stories. “

Whatever form it takes, storytelling has been a fundamental constituent of what it means to call ourselves ‘human’.  Around 70,000 years ago, the first phonetic sounds were uttered as a means of putting into words what people think and feel. From this, stemmed the alphabet and from the alphabet arrived the written word. Yet, if anything defines the modern world we have today, it is the digital proliferation of language through video.

The digital stories that you see on this screen are more familiar to us than many aspects of the natural world. Some of us have never seen the snow, climbed a mountain or witnessed marine life up close. Some of us see the sun rise and set more frequently via digital video than in reality.

We live in an era where ChatGPT can write articles with the same level of skill and originality as a Harvard University Professor. With the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI), we are now entering a new era of the digital revolution. The distinction between computer and human becomes more blurred, except for video content. Video content is still a true form where creativity and human talent play a crucial role in determining the human touch.

Businesses must harness film as their preferred medium if they are to succeed in this digital age.

Since facts are 22 times more likely to be remembered if they are part of a story, storytelling must be a fundamental part of any business looking to compete and stay relevant in the digital age.

Acumen recognises the significance that storytelling plays in branding and promoting a company’s products. This is why we have placed it at the heart of our own company and created Acumen Stories to capture the unique narratives of different businesses and showcase our creative talent. In essence, we help to craft, create and spread stories.

We believe that humans are stories, and these stories are human.

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