Sendbird Unveils Easy-to-Use AI Chatbot Tailored for Small Businesses

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sendbird, a leading communications platform for web and mobile apps, has launched its AI chatbot, designed for easy setup and tailored to help small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs)  in various customer-facing sectors like e-commerce and healthcare. This affordable, no-code solution aims to enhance customer engagement and support. Businesses can access an AI chatbot starter package offering features such as chatbot personas creation, knowledge enrichment, workflow integration, and performance tracking analytics, all without requiring technical skills.

Any small business with a website can now create an AI chatbot in minutes

Furthemore, Sendbird has unveiled a developer-centric Pro package, which simplifies mobile app integration and provides more workflows and function calls for third-party software connections. These connections empower the AI chatbot to expand its capabilities and improve the competitiveness. For instance, the AI chatbot can offer personalized recommendations for flights, accommodations, or products.

Sendbird’s no-code AI chatbot seamlessly integrates with Sendbird Desk, its in-app chat customer service solution, providing businesses with a unified sales or support desk. This integration boosts automated efficiency while maintaining a nuanced understanding of human support, leading to swifter, more accurate responses and increased customer satisfaction.

Built on a real-time communication platform trusted by industry leaders like Rakuten, Paytm, Traveloka, Carousell, PayPay, Yahoo, DoorDash, Krafton, Sendbird’s AI chatbot ensures seamless integration with both websites and mobile applications. This enables businesses to streamline support processes, save time, and allocate resources effectively, exceeding customer expectations.

Sendbird CEO and Co-founder John S. Kim emphasizes the importance of making AI accessible to SMBs, stating, “Today, large enterprises and consumer brands effectively use AI to engage with their customers. But there is no way for a small company to compete. What we aim to do with our no-code AI chatbot is to make that technology accessible to SMBs.”

To explore the benefits firsthand, businesses can access a free trial of Sendbird’s AI chat bot at Additionally, to enhance superior customer support and engagement further, go to Sendbird Desk at

About Sendbird

Sendbird is the all-in-one communication platform empowering web and mobile applications with customizable user experiences. Sendbird’s cutting-edge APIs unlock the potential of AI-powered chatbots, one-way notification messages, chat, video calls and live streaming, tailored for use in commerce, marketing, and exceptional customer support. Trusted by industry leaders such as Rakuten, Paytm, Traveloka, Carousell, PayPay, Yahoo, DoorDash, and Krafton, Sendbird powers over 7 billion interactions monthly for over 4000+ applications worldwide.

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