Korea Ginseng Corp. changed its brand name to Jung Kwan Jang

  • Recognized value in the UK, France and Japan for 400 years

SEOUL, South Korea, July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) announced on the third day the change of its brand name from Cheong Kwang Jang, with a 124-year tradition, to Jung Kwan Jang. This transformation involves a renewal of brand identity, logo and product package, to reposition itself as a global health supplement solution brand. KGC’s Jung Kwan Jang continues its 124-year history with popularity in 40 countries, keeping its top rank in the global ginseng retail market for ten consecutive years.

JUNG KWANG JANG Korea Red Ginseng

Korean ginseng, the beginning of the Korean wave, has been treasured for about 400 years for its medicinal properties not only in Asia, but also in Europe. It is renowned for its ability to boost immunity and aid in energy recovery. Korean ginseng, cultivated in the finest soil for its growth, is widely regarded as the highest quality.

In the first issue of Philosophical Transactions published by the Royal Society, scientist Thévenot called ginseng a remarkable energy restorative and booster. In 1681, the Royal Family Collection Catalogue stated, “Ginseng does not grow everywhere. It grows only in Korea. It is used for treating chronic and serious diseases. It is very expensive and equivalent to silver in value.”

In 1736, a doctorate paper titled “Can Ginseng Serve as an Energy Booster for Patients?” was accepted in France. Despite its remarkable efficacy, ginseng did not attain widespread popularity for it’s not easily attainable, as stated by the Histoire de Académie royale des sciences of 1718, “Ginseng is a very rare and expensive medicinal herb, so it’s not possible to get more than a mere sample of it”.

In 1674, Japan, aware of the value of ginseng, opened a Korean ginseng store, where people would queue up overnight in anticipation. Back then, a “waiting service” emerged, where people would get paid for standing in line on behalf of customers, similar to the practices seen at recent K-pop concerts.

The value of Korean ginseng has remained consistent over the past 400 years. In particular, red ginseng, made by steaming and drying ginseng, is Korea’s representative health supplement. Jung Kwan Jang products were gifts to Queen Elizabeth II and Pope John Paul II during their visit to Korea, and as a diplomatic gift during summit conferences.

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