Daily Power Generation Gain Per Watt 4.76% Higher! Risen Energy Release Latest Empirical Data on Hyper-ion HJT Modules

NINGBO, China, March 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As the only manufacturer focusing on n-type heterojunction (HJT) technology and products among global TOP10 photovoltaic (PV) enterprises, Risen Energy has been conducting R&D on the HJT technology since 2018, and first applied the MBB technology to the HJT technology in 2019, successfully reducing silver paste consumption by about 100mg. In both 2020 and 2021, its HJT modules claimed the top spot globally in terms of shipments. Then, in 2022, significant upgrades and iterations were made to its HJT products, leading to the introduction of the Hyper-ion HJT products. This marked the first time that the mass production power of modules surpassed 700W, setting numerous new world records for module power in the process. Throughout the development of the HJT products, Risen Energy innovatively established an integrated R&D model from silicon materials to modules, becoming the first company in the industry to mass-produce HJT products with zero-busbar, ultra-thin silicon wafers, low-silver metallization materials, and stress-free interconnection technology, which effectively facilitated the mass production of the Hyper-ion HJT products.

Risen Energy chose HJT for simple reasons. Firstly, HJT features the highest conversion efficiency and power generation among single-junction solar cell technologies, which, coupled with its low-carbon footprint, makes it better meet the demand for lower LCOE and carbon emissions. Secondly, the HJT cell structure can integrate with perovskite to form tandem cells, demonstrating that HJT technology boasts the best capability of technology iteration. When the efficiency of tandem cells exceeds 30%, the power output of current Hyper-ion modules can reach over 850W without changing the module size.

Certainly, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. Risen Energy has initiated a long-term empirical verification mechanism for the Hyper-ion HJT modules, aiming to provide customers with more solid technical basis for module selection. Following the release of the CPVT empirical data for the Hyper-ion HJT modules in Yinchuan and Hainan in February this year (where the average power generation gain of the Hyper-ion HJT modules compared to PERC modules was 3.40% in Yinchuan and 5.50% in Hainan. For details, check Risen Energy’s previous article at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/power-generation-gain-reached-6-86-empirical-data-of-risen-energys-hjt-hyper-ion-module-in-yinchuan-and-hainan-released-by-cpvt-302057064.html.), the company’s Hainan base has once again released the latest half-year empirical data, making the economic comparison of HJT modules even more evident.

Hainan HJT Hyper-ion modules VS PERC modules Power

As shown in the figure above, verified by the Hainan empirical base, from August 2023 to January 2024, the cumulative electricity generation per watt of the Hyper-ion HJT modules can reach 584.75Wh/W, with an additional electricity generation gain of 4.76% compared to PERC modules. Even in December 2023, when the local average irradiance in Hainan was at a relatively low critical value, the electricity generation per watt of the Hyper-ion modules can still reach 65.05 Wh/W in a one-month range, which is 4.57% higher compared to the PERC modules.

Currently, Risen Energy’s technical team is still actively advancing the ongoing empirical projects and systematically collecting and analyzing relevant data to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the research results. As the data continues to be collected and updated, Risen Energy firmly believes that the Hyper-ion modules, with their outstanding electricity generation performance, can provide customers with more eco-friendly and cost-effective installation solutions to maximize their benefits.

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